November 1st, 2017

Another terror attack in New York City. Eight dead, 11 injured including school children and one woman lost both legs. The terrorist was here on an Obama DIVERSITY Visa since 2010.
To all my liberal friends: open borders are not working! Immigration policies are not working!
Trump is right on immigration. The ACLU, liberal lawyers and liberal judges need to stand down so that America can protect Americans and American lives. Tighter borders are needed. Tougher vetting of refugees and immigrants must be implemented.
And the murderous coward? He was shot gently in the leg, taken to a hospital where he received medical care at taxpayer's expense. He will be taken to an air-conditioned, heated jail where he will receive room and board at taxpayer's expense and healthcare at taxpayer's expense for many, many years. The solution: a swift and just death penalty. SWIFT!!