Elbert Guillory: Fighting for Your Rights

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Are you tired of the predictable rhetoric spouted by most politicians?

Do you need assistance from an attorney who cares deeply about the men and women he represents?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. State Sen. Elbert Guillory has dedicated his life to serving his country and the great people of Louisiana. He’s both an honorable politician and an attorney who’ll defend your rights fearlessly. It’s time to make your voice heard!

Connect with a politician of character

Elbert Guillory is a Republican state senator for the 24th District of Louisiana. As a skilled spokesman and orator, he’s known for:

  • Becoming the Louisiana Senate’s first Republican of African-American descent since Reconstruction.
  • Frequent appearances on national news and radio programs.
  • Dedicated advocacy for people of all backgrounds.

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Consult an attorney who cares

Elbert Guillory brings a lifetime of legal experience to his practice. Throughout his career as a professor, government lawyer and courtroom advocate, Guillory has never flagged in his devotion to the law.

If you’re in need of legal assistance, Elbert Guillory can help. He provides cost-effective legal services for domestic relations cases, criminal defense cases and personal injury litigation.

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